About J

Nice Guy

  • Friendly, people-person
  • Informal and down-to-earth
  • Likes helping people

Elite Academic Pedigree

  • Successful high school student
  • Buffalo’s City Honors School
    • Valedictorian (Academic Math Diploma)
    • Represented upstate New York at Atlantic Region Math Meet
    • Western New York Scholar Athlete of the Year
    • Admitted to Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Caltech, every school applied to
  • B.S. Harvard
    • 1st person to graduate BS in 3 years (5 year program)
    • Developed thermal molecular dissociation apparatus to use in experiments to save earth’s ozone layer
    • Admitted to Harvard Law School, Chicago Business School, and Stanford Engineering School
  • M.S. Stanford
    • No.1 Student in Combustion fundamentals class
  • Ph.D. Stanford
    • Tied for highest-rated paper worldwide (perfect score) in scientific category
    • One of top three authors (number of published comments & papers) in worldwide conference in field
    • Numerous reports for United States Department of Energy

A Born Mentor

  • Family of teachers
    • mother, father, maternal uncle, paternal uncle were all teachers
  • Former substitute teacher
  • Tutored math and science at Stanford University Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Graduate of Stanford University School of Engineering’s tutor training program
  • Stanford University Teaching Assistant
  • Stanford University Tutorial Assistant (rated highest of all tutors)
  • Raised grades from F to C, or C to A, in 4 sessions
  • Started formal tutoring over 33 years ago

World Class Scientist/Engineer

  • Sandia National Labs Visiting Researcher
    • One of few industry practitioners worldwide to be selected
  • B&W Research Engineer
    • 1st model ever for solid fuel that actually matched real furnace results
    • 1st person to measure actual conditions in a power plant furnace's flame

Fortune 200 Management Consultant

  • Strategic Decisions Group
    • Helped companies decide how to handle $billion investment decisions

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