About Study Sessions

Live Study Session

Turns Student into a Whole New Person

  • Gets A’s and B’s:
    • improves by two grade points after a few sessions
  • Has more Self-Confidence and Higher Self-Esteem
  • Loves to Study
  • Has Better Attitude
  • Has Good Relationship with Parents

It is a Different System

  • Mentoring and coaching
    • Motivational, not just facts and figures
  • Based on Study Sessions
    • Not lectures
    • Not traditional tutoring
  • Study Buddy is a Guide but Student is the Driver

It uses a unique approach

  • Develops analytical & problem-solving skills
    • So students can solve problems they have not seen before (questions with a twist)
  • Uses only essential information to explain concepts
  • Anticipates test expectations

Students Love the Study Buddy

  • “Knows his stuff”
    • Can solve problems on the spot (he has not seen)
  • “Breaks it down”
    • Explains things simply
  • “Is very patient”

Video Study Session

Act as if you were in a live study session!
  • Schedule regular time for sessions
  • Bring textbook, notebook, calculator, scratch paper, pencil (and graph paper, ruler, compass)
  • Only one person at time can view video
  • Set at full screen and sit close to screen
  • Sit for entire session unless directed to take break
  • Answer aloud when question is asked
  • Solve problem when problem is posed
  • Download session notes at end of session
  • Work on practice problems at home after session

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